Here is a list of some who have already chosen  to sample Creative Lemonade.


  • Website Design
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Presentation Videos

Charlie Minn Films

  • Nightmare in Las Cruces (DP/Edit/Color Correction/Audio Post Production)
  • Cruces Divided (DP/Audio/Audio Post Production)
  • Cruces Divided 2 (DVD Duplication)
  • 8 Murders A Day (DVD Duplication/Print)

Capstone Productions

  • Mt. Cristo Rey Documentary (Additional Camera)
  • Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Documentary (Camera Op/Lighting/Audio) Currently in Production
  • Ghost 3 (Additional Camera)
  • CF Jordan (Texas Army National Guard) Training Videos – Full Production (2 Camera/Editing/DVD Authoring)
  • 2013/2014 Histroy Summit – LiveStreaming Onsite Production
  • ASARCO Demolition – LiveStreaming Onsite Production
  • El Paso Scottish Rite Promotional Video

Mack Massey

  • Internet Video Campaign

First Baptist Church El Paso

  • Weekly Show on KSCE 38 (Live & Post Production)
  • Special Events (Live & Post Production)
  • Web Content Management

Harvest Christian Center 

  • Special Events (Live & Post Production)
  • Weekly Video Announcements (DP/Lighting/Audio/Edit/Final Delivery)
  • Promotional Videos

Ballyhoo! Studios

  • Various production needs

Robert Bettes Productions

  • Various production needs

University Medical Center

  • Presentation Video

Black Mountain Enterprises

  • Various Production needs

Double Scope Films

  • Various productions needs


  • Commercial Production Contractor


  • Commercial Production Contractor

Time Warner Cable

  • Commercial Production Contractor

Life Challenge International Ministries

  • Presentation Video, Live Event Production

Good News for the Nations International Ministries

  • Presentation Video, Image Branding

Hicks & Llamas Law Firm

  • Website Design/Developement
  • Website Videos
  • Political Campaign Video

Independent Ventures

  • The Mayo Alanen Story Documentary (Full Production)
  • Burning Chrome Series (Full Production)

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