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Huerta Law Firm

This is one of the most recent commercials by Creative Lemonade. This is a copy of someone else’s design, I can’t take credit for the creative but all of the animation was done by me using After Effects and Element 3D after some back engineering. :^)

Web Videos

We were honored to help Hicks & Llamas law firm create videos for their website to help bring a more personal introduction of the attorneys. As well as assisting in a campaign to run for the Texas board presidential seat.

Wally Ramirez

Here is the premiere of the official music video and EPK for Wally Ramirez “Come To Me” from the Reach album. Enjoy!

These were a lot of fun to make. For the tech geeks: Shot with a 550D (T2i) in 1080p at 29.97fps. w/ a 50mm lens. Almost everything was handheld using a rig and follow focus.

Special thanks to: Justin Cates & Life Church for the use of their sanctuary.