Huerta Law Firm

This is one of the most recent commercials by Creative Lemonade. This is a copy of someone else’s design, I can’t take credit for the creative but all of the animation was done by me using After Effects and Element 3D after some back engineering. :^)

Web Videos

We were honored to help Hicks & Llamas law firm create videos for their website to help bring a more personal introduction of the attorneys. As well as assisting in a campaign to run for the Texas board presidential seat.


Here comes another fun year! This will complete our 3rd year in business, it has been a fun experience with a lot of educational experiences. We have grown in equipment over the last couple of years and hope to grow in staff this year. Thank you to all who have chosen to allow us at Creative Lemonade to help you with all of your needs!

A Multi-Media Production Company